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Would you like to join our team of mystery shoppers working throughout Asia? We’re always looking for smart, engaged professionals to review our client’s businesses. We look forward to hearing from you.

Becoming a Mystery Shopper


All types of businesses use mystery shopping to check the standard of their services and products. As a mystery shopper, you will be asked to present as a regular shopper and honestly assess your experience and purchases. You send this information back to us electronically and then we pass it on to the clients.

You will be asked to carefully consider things like service, timings, staff product knowledge and the hygiene and cleanliness of the premise.
Clients use our mystery shopping service to improve standards, evaluate staff performance and ensure the product delivers what they say it delivers.

Please read the Terms and Conditions before applying


First Name

Last Name

Sex MaleFemale

Mobile Number

Other Number



Your Email

Where do you live? (City & Country)

Do you have children? YesNo
Some clients require shopping with and for children

Do you have full access to the internet? YesNo
All shopper reporting is done on line

Do you have a smartphone? YesNo

Do you have your own email address?
This is our preferred method of contact for you

Which languages do you speak and write fluently? List all

What is your skill level of spoken English? FluentGood but could be betterPoor

What is your skill level of written English? ExcellentGood but could be betterPoor

Do you have a Bank or Paypal account? Yes – Bank and PaypalYes – one onlyNo
Learning Curve pays you directly into your Bank or Paypal account. No cheques are issued.

In what capacity do you currently work? I am not workingI am at school/collegeI am working part timeI am working full time

Current Employment

Previous Employment


Please answer these questions in a professional and detailed manner. This will demonstrate to us that you are able to write informative reports for our clients. Please pay attention to spelling, grammar and punctuation. Your application form tells us a lot about you.

Why do you think you would be a good mystery shopper? (answer between 150-200 words)

Describe why you think you have good attention to detail. (answer 150-200 words)

What shops, restaurants or cafés do you go to regularly?

How much time do you think you could allocate to Mystery Shopping each week?

Your application and answers will be emailed to Learning Curve and one of our managers will contact you shortly. Thank you for taking the time to complete this form.




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