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Measurement of consumer experience and employee engagement is critical to business development and sustainability. Our various methods of consumer data collection give clients a broad scope of feedback. Work then begins on decoding the vital components of ‘Big Data’ to develop action plans for improvement.
Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping evaluations assess your business, brand and service through the eyes of genuine customers. Mystery shopping is a research tool used to measure quality of service, or compliance with regulation, or to gather specific information about products and services.


Mystery Shopping Programs have been used since the 1940’s to give objective feedback to any type of business with a customer. Seventy years on, the multi-billion dollar global industry is powered by technology providing clients with up-to-the-minute diagnostic data and experiential feedback to action immediate improvement of business weaknesses, in order to stay ahead of the competition.


Hong Kong Retail
Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction surveys are the quickest way to receive real-time feedback from actual customers who might still be in store when completing the survey.


Your customers are presented with a short online survey they complete on their smartphones during their visit, or afterwards on tablets or computers. Evaluation results are available online to clients immediately following survey completion. The suite of supporting reports will provide instant realistic data and actual guest comments giving Managers the opportunity to react immediately.


Mobile surveys work independently or in tandem with Mystery Shopper Programs offering full-circle analysis. Surveys collect instant feedback from real consumers, shopper exit interviews, employees engagement, product reviews and brand standards.


Consumer Experience

Measuring consumer experiences considers an ‘outside in’ approach where we step into the shoes of the customers to hear to their stories. Analysing consumer experiences in this way enables development of truly customer-centric processes and service delivery. The combination of quantitative and qualitative metrics from sources such as customer feedback forms, mystery shopping reports, focus groups, social media and blogs allow us to develop a visual map of experiences from the customers point of view.


We gather insight into consumers emotional engagements with a service, brand or staff, and establish whether loyalty is driven from experiences or products. Step into your customers shoes—what are they trying to achieve? Why do they make that choice? What feeling does that experience give them?

Qualitative Market Research

As ‘people people’, we engage well with the consumer. From interviewing actual customers in real time to sending ‘anonymous’ customers on review assignments, the information we bring back from the frontline is relevant, accurate, reliable, valid and always current.


Field research assists decision making for our clients when considering potential market opportunities and project planning. The combination of qualitative and quantitative research takes the form of face-to-face interviews, mobile consumer satisfaction surveys, mystery shopping programs, street intercept interviews, operational auditing and trained observation.


Learning Curve specialises in servicing several phases of any research project. We design and pretest questionnaires; we determine the best means of collecting data; we conduct field research and gather feedback through personal interviews, direct observation, collective discussions and anonymous audits.


Service and Operational Audits

With a background rich in operations, Learning Curve consultants are well qualified, in their fields of Hospitality, Food & Beverage and Retail, to audit and advise clients on processes, systems and operations. Business audits are systematic reviews of efficiencies, economy of operations and service procedures. Our independent auditors assess internal controls and their capacity to meet planned organisational goals.


We bring a fresh perspective to company processes and an awareness to problems that may have ordinarily gone unnoticed. Our advice comes from a place of global experience combined with a strong local flavour. Our management coaching and staff training complement service and operational audits requiring direct action.





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